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Yang Shuyong, Chairman of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, visited Yaxing Anchor Chain
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       September 28-29, 2020, a three-person delegation led by Chairman of China Coal Machinery Industry Association Yang Shuyong visited Jiangsu Yaxing Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. for investigation and inspection.

       Chairman Yang Shuyong and his entourage visited Yaxing Anchor Chain Offshore Industrial Park and Zhenjiang Base, and investigated the scene. Chairman Yang Shuyong inquired about the chain of our company in detail Every link in the production process, especially the heat treatment process of the chain, the later testing methods, and the automated production line, etc., followed by a visit to the Yaxing National Enterprise Technology Center, and listened to the technicians on the chain fatigue test and material performance test. Report in detail.

      At the symposium, Chairman Tao Anxiang reported on the development history of our company in detail, and said that the mining chain business is a "recruit in the coal mining machinery industry" "I entered the industry late, but we have more than 40 years of professional chain-making experience, and we have applied the successful experience of the ocean chain to the mining chain to ensure that our mining chain products have a high starting point and high quality. After multiple batches of underground use verification, the product quality is no less than the import chain, I hope the Coal Machinery Association can provide us with more platforms and support for promotion.

      After listening to the report of Chairman Tao and technical staff, Chairman Yang highly affirmed the manufacturing and scientific research strength of Yaxing Anchor Chain as the world’s largest chain-making company Especially after hearing that our company is undertaking the development of a new type of anti-corrosion mining chain by the National Energy Xinjiang Company, we praised our company as a leading enterprise in the chain industry, regardless of the company's gains and losses, and actively assumed the responsibility and obligation for the development of the coal chain industry. In view of the uneven quality of mining chains in the coal industry, I hope that Yaxing Anchor Chain will continue to take active steps to develop chains with strong corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and high strength as soon as possible, so as to make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the coal mining machinery industry. contribution.

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