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The worlds first international standard for mooring chains, edited by our company, is released!
Author:   PostTime:2021/5/7 11:09:23    Clicknum:176

Our company has recently received a notice from the Central Secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization that the international standard ISO20438 Ships and Marine Technology — Offshore Mooring Chains, which was compiled by our company, was officially published.  

International standard ISO20438 "Ship and Ocean Technology-Mooring Chain" is the worlds first international standard dedicated to marine mooring chains. The release of this standard is a major breakthrough for Chinese companies in the formulation of international standards for offshore equipment, which means The design and production of global mooring chains will implement the international standards prepared by China, which also marks that our company has reached the worlds leading level in mooring chain manufacturing and technology research and development. The release of this standard has played a positive role in enhancing our companys influence in the domestic and foreign markets and industry status, and has laid the foundation for the companys sustainable development.

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